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Doodle Jump is a fun, addicting platform game released in 2009 for iOS where players guide a four-legged creature called “The Doodler” up an endless series of platforms. Tap the screen to jump from platform to platform avoiding obstacles and holes, seeing how high you can climb!

With colorful hand-drawn graphics and smooth tilting controls, Doodle Jump encapsulates casual mobile gaming. And upgrading items, unlockable themes, and competing through Game Center leaderboards adds to the replay value.

How To Play Doodle Jump

Gameplay in Doodle Jump is focused on simple jump mechanics. Your Doodler starts at the bottom screen. Tilt your device left or right to move and tap anywhere to jump upwards onto platforms above you. Bounce off springs for added height. Shoot enemies and breakable blocks to earn coins to spend on upgrades like jetpacks or propeller hats.

Time jumps over holes in platforms to keep from falling too far down. As you advance higher, gaps become more frequent, with moving objects like UFOs, missiles and more that can knock you off course. Catching landing on red “bad” platforms also spell doom, so keep on your toes!

Game Controls Of Doodle Jump

  • Tilt device left/right to move
  • Tap screen to jump
  • Tap jetpacks/propellers to activate
  • Tap shield icon to protect from projectiles

Tips and Tricks Doodle Jump

  • Use springs to reach higher platforms
  • Time jumps narrowly over gaps in platforms
  • Shoot enemies and break blocks for coin bonuses
  • Spend coins quickly on applicable upgrades
  • Enter “PLEASE” on Game Over screen to continue run

Game Developer

Doodle Jump was created by Lima Sky, an independent mobile game developer founded by siblings Igor and Markus Pusenjak.

History Doodle Jump


This Game was created and developed by Lima Sky, an independent app developer company founded by brothers Igor and Marko Pusenjak. Development of the game began in 2009.

Initial Release:

This game was publicly launched and released for the iOS platform on March 2009. The game quickly became a mobile sensation, providing simple but addictive jumping gameplay across an endless series of platforms.

Rise to Popularity:

As a highly polished, accessible mobile game with cute graphics, Doodle Jump captured wide appeal across casual gamers once launched on the App Store. Its popularity skyrocketed, being downloaded over 5 million times in its first year alone.

Port to Other Platforms:

Given the runaway success on iOS, Doodle Jump was soon ported to other mobile platforms like Android and Blackberry within the next year, further cementing its status as a multi-platform mobile hit. Various spin-offs were also created.

Partnerships and Expansions:

Lima Sky partnered with major brands like Disney and Warner Bros in 2010-2011 to create entertaining tie-in versions of Doodle Jump featuring popular characters like the Angry Birds, Scooby Doo and more.

Continued Popularity:

Coupled with paid ad-free versions, tie-in collaborations and the simple replayability of high-score chasing gameplay, Doodle Jump has continued as a popular mobile hit for over a decade since its humble beginnings. Several sequels and spinoffs have kept it relevant ever since.

Game Platforms

Doodle Jump can be downloaded on iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app is free to download with optional in-app purchases.


How do you control the character in Doodle Jump? Use the accelerometer by tilting your device left or right to move the character. Tap the screen to jump from platform to platform.

What makes the character fall or lose in Doodle Jump? If you fall off the bottom of the screen or collide into an enemy like a UFO, you lose. Letting your character fall into gaps between platforms also ends your jumping attempt.

How can you score higher points in Doodle Jump? Shoot enemies with jet packs or propellers equipped. Also jump onto special scored platforms, activate springs for extra height, and collect combos and power ups to multiply your points.

Does Doodle Jump have leaderboards or multiplayer? Yes, Game Center leaderboards allow competing for high scores globally or just against your friends. Local pass and play multiplayer is also available.

What affects which enemies and platforms appear? The Platform Generator determines spawns by each “world” theme selected before starting. Unique Mood Pack DLCs provide even more platform visual styles.

Any tips for lasting longer in Doodle Jump? Be patient and wait for springs to reach new platforms instead of rapidly tapping. Fire shots downward frequently to destroy moving blocks you may bounce back to later. Prioritize activating powerups like the coin magnet immediately.

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